the future paradise

The Future Paradise


David°F (David Felgeirolles)

started his career very young when he was 7 years old as a drummer.
He studied drums at the conservatory and also played Jazz.
At 18, he joined the Center for Study and Research on Image and Sound in Paris.
He then joined the legendary EMI Studios / Pathé Marconi as an assistant,
and worked for many years in the famous Ferber Studios, where he began
his career as sound engineer with artists such as
Gabriel Yared (Oscar winner), Manu Dibango, Bernard Allison…
Later as a freelance sound engineer, he worked in the studios mostly in Paris
and began working as musical director and
also composed music for short-movies.
As a sound engineer, he worked on many film scores
and in collaboration with artists
of international renown like :
I Muvrini (with which he got a golden record), No Jazz,
Ken Boothe, Wally Badarou…
He also worked for 6 years with the TV music program « Mezzo Voce » in Corsica,
during wich time he captured « live » artists like
Ana Moura, Elysian Fields, Luz Cazal, Liz Mc Comb…
His career led him to work in India with the virtuoso violinist Johar Ali Khan,
but also in Mayotte (Indian Ocean) with Baco and in eSwatini with Bholoja
for whom he produced « Swazi Soul »(Satma award) and Velemseni.
He continues today to collaborate with artists such as Amen Viana (Togo),
Sandra Nankoma (Uganda), Bholoja and Velemseni (eSwatini).
He’s also working on an Afro-House project called « Amandla »
featuring SA artist Moghale Tsiane (Blu Lamp).


MR PETE (Christophe pittet)

Funk Bassist & Synth lover, has worked in the entertainment industry
since the early 90s (cartoons, video games, movies ...),
as well as with major industry players such as Ubisoft, Gaumont animation, Xilam ...
Mr Pete joined The Future Paradise in 2008 as bassist and co-producer,
working on multiple projects and with artists
like Bholoja, Velemseni, By the Gospel River (remix),
Wally Badarou, Stix Dan ...
In 2011, he was the executive producer of the album "Free" from the American singer Kenny Allen (included Me'shell Ndegeocello, Raheem DeVaughn)
that was released on the Japanese label Sweet Soul.
He’s also working on an Afro-House project called « Amandla »
featuring SA artist Moghale Tsiane (Blu Lamp).